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Places to Eat Leicester

Foodies and explorers love to hear about the places to eat Leicester. Do you prefer to know the main hubs and restaurant communities then you’ve come to the place.

We share individual restaurants and cafes from independent to chains. Our Leicester visitors love to have choice and hear about recommended areas and what they are good for

St Martin’s Square – Leicester places to eat
You’ll find lovely independent and some vibrant chains such as Mowgli Street Food

St Peter’s Square – High Cross – places to eat Leicester
Here you’ll find the hub of Leicester chains. If you don’t fancy taking a chance and want to feel at home, take your pick from all the places to eat you’re familiar with

London Road – places to eat Leicester
You’ll find a number of fast food shops with plenty of choice surrounded by the Hussle and bustle off from the train stations

Oadby parade – places to eat Leicester
You’ll find lots of parking spaces, a number of cafes and coffee shops surrounded by independent retail shops

Queens Road – places to eat Leicester
You will find a lovely community with annual fairs but you’ll be spoilt for choice with independent coffee shops, fresh food and a couple of restaurants and bars. On the door step of Leicester university, you’ll find a mix of students and locals

Granby Street – places to eat Leicester

If you want vibrancy then Bru coffee is a must however surrounded by other lovely places to try

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